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SkyWriter A.K.A. Austin Mitchell
About SkyWriter and his music

SkyWriter is an emcee based out of Phoenix, Arizona, with years of recording and performance experience under his belt in the music industry. Performing as a supporting act for many of the large names in underground hip hop music, and gaining a reputation as one of the hardest working artists in the underground hip hop music scene. SkyWriter shared his music with the country touring as a headlining act in the "ERRLy Birds" Tour; a 40 city tour April-June 2013, being his 2nd independent tour following the "Eat Or Be Eaten" Tour in July 2012 and being support on the "Rhymes and Resin" Tour featuring Potluck, Mistah Fab, Sunspot Jonz, J Hornay and Glasses Malone in August of 2011. In March 2014, SkyWriter returned from the "No Time For BullShit" Tour with Futuristic, featuring Hopsin, Dizzy Wright and Layzie Bone and got right back into the studio to make some more music! Now SkyWriter is preparing to hit the road again to spread and grow! SkyWriter is definitely making noise in the South West music scene with past write ups in 'Haze Nation Magazine' and 'Bruised Peach Press', 'Marijuana Hillbilly Magazine', and an Original sound.

All inquires may be sent to: SkyWriterAZ@gmail.com

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